Sign up for the Beta test Program

If you'd like to be one of the first people to try out a FirePick Delta system, sign up via the from below.  We will be starting a beta test program in the next few months. 

Details about the beta test program are as follows:

  • It is open to anyone that understands the risks and concerns of using a machine that has basic functionality but isn't exactly 100% ready for general use.  We believe that most of the nerds and hardware hackers looking to join will be smart enough to go this route without any issue.  
  • Beta kits are not free; we don't have millions of dollars of VC funding; we're doing this out of our own pocket on a razor thin budget. Estimated kit cost will be between $1000 and $1500 USD depending on options (Barebones will cost less than this, and fully assembled kits will cost a bit more).
  • Our mechanical design is becoming stable, most of the the work necessary at this point is software.  Software is upgradable through the internet, and if the hardware does change around, these pieces can either be 3D printed on the machine itself, on another 3D printer, or they can be purchased from us (the files will be up on our github repo, as always).
  • The only thing that we will ask from the beta testers is honest feedback about the design, and possibly a few bug reports or pull requests from the truly adventurous.
  • In return for the help, we'll discount any further purchases in the future, after the beta test round is over.  We'll be offering lots of cool accessories, like different tools and SMT feeders, as this is an extremely modular machine.
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