If you encounter an issue with FirePick Delta, you are welcome to submit a bug report.  

Before you do so for the first time though please take a moment to read the following page completely. Thank you! :)

How to File a Bug Report

Note that some of this verbage has been borrowed from other open-source projects such as OctoPrint :)  

What Should I Do Before Submitting a Ticket?

  1. Make sure you are at the right location
  2. Read the Contribution Guidelines (TBD)
  3. Read the FAQ (TBD)
  4. Please make sure to test out the current version of software / firmware / hardware to see whether the problem you are encountering still exists.  This means updating your Git repos to main/latest, and seeing if the problems are still there.
  5. The problem still exists? Then look through the existing tickets (use the search) to check if there already exists a report of the issue you are encountering -- sorting through duplicates of the same issue sometimes causes more work than fixing it. Take the time to filter through possible duplicates and be really sure that your problem definitely is a new one.

What should I include in a ticket?

  1. What were you doing?
  2. What did you expect to happen?
  3. What happened instead?
  4. Branch & Commit and/or Version of OpenPnP, Marlin, etc:
  5. Exact setup, if it varies from the beta test kit that you purchased or built
  6. Operating System, CPU type, amount of RAM, etc.  
  7. Java JDK or Runtime version
  8. Link to openpnp.log on gist.github.com or pastebin.com (ALWAYS INCLUDE AND DO NOT TRUNCATE).  You can find out how to include these logs in the Documentation section of this website.
  9. Screenshot(s) showing the problem (if applicable - always include if unsure or reporting UI issues)

BE AWARE THAT BUG REPORTS NOT PROVIDING ALL (!) OF THE INFORMATION STATED ABOVE WILL BE CLOSED WITHOUT FURTHER INVESTIGATION! I'm sorry for that, but it has gotten to a point were the workload caused by running after this information has grown too large to still be manageable.

Hardware / Mechanical Issues

For any bugs or issues related to mechanical or electronics.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • 3D printed pieces
  • Mechanical clearances or alignment issues
  • PCB layout or problems found on the schematics or wiring diagrams
  • Issues related to the delta mechanism
  • Issues related to the modular tool system

Please submit these issues to:


OpenPnP Issues

For generic OpenPnP issues (that is, issues that would affect any machine, not just a FirePick Delta-specific machine), please submit bug reports to the following URL:


For issues that are FirePick Delta specific, please submit bug reports to the following URL:


Motion Controller issues (Firmware)

We are currently testing several different firmware versions.  

Marlin Firmware


Repetier Firmware


Smoothie Firmware

TBD.  Use the Google dev mailing list for now :)

MachineKit Firmware

Forward these issues to Charles Steinkuehler, lead developer of MachineKit.  Findmore info at: http://www.machinekit.io/docs/home/