Beta Kit Hardware (Round 1)


Wrong number of M5 extrusion nuts on Frame BOM

Quantity of FNUT-M5-HNKK5 should be 44, not 37.  This was an error in the 3D model assembly that generated the BOM. 

Incorrect Stepper motor cable pin order

Some of our kits may have shipped out with the crimp pins / wires in the wrong pin order in the connector housing.  The correct order, when looking at the black 4-pin housing with the lock-tabs facing "up" (and black/smooth side of the housing pointing "down"), is, from left to right: Green, Yellow, Gray, Red. 

If your cables were wired wrong, it is very easy to change the pin order.  Simply use a razor blade to move the pin housing lock-tabs up slightly (not bending them enough to crack the plastic), and gently pull the wire out.  Do this separately for each wire/pin to remove, and then insertion is just as easy: Simply slide the pin into the housing, with the locking tabs on the pin facing "up", until the pin locks into the locking tab.  I will try to record a Youtube video of this process, or link to one here.  In any case, you should not have to re-crimp or re-solder anything if this process is followed;  The pin/wire swap should take less than one minute per pin, worst-case.

Tapped M5 hole in Vertical Extrusions

We originally planned to tap the bottom of the vertical extrusions for an M5 thread, to install the rubber feet.  The extrusion we received has a center hole larger than an M5 thread, so we are currently unable to tap them as-is.  We are investigating heli-coils, which may allow us to tap for M6, insert the heli-coil, and then screw on the feet using the attached M5 BHCS fastener.  Because the feet were custom-molded for an M5 screw, the heli-coil method is smarter than trying to fit an M6 fastener into the feet.

NOTE: I've had luck just using simple 2-part epoxy with the included hardware, without any tapping or other work.  Will post back here if they ever break or come loose, but so far, so good.

Mxx fasteners in xxx kit

TBD / placeholder.

EAT0002 Thermal Issues

In certain cases, if left on, the MOSFET will get hot enough to melt the heatsink off of the board.  We need to run some thermal analysis on the design.  In the meantime, it is possible to use the MOSFET to trigger a 12V relay, that switches the +12V power to the heated bed.  The type available in auto-parts stores, with the spade terminals are best here.  Anything with a 15A or higher rating, with a 12V coil will work fine.

I am still investigating this issue, but am concentrating on documentation at the moment.  I will provide more info here when I have time to investigate.

EAT0002 Silkscreen Issues

Silkscreen is incorrect, on the back, that label the screw terminals.  This was missed during the peer review before the boards were fabbed.  Correct labeling is as follows:

(Supply template to print out and label with correct pinouts)

EAT0002 - Incorrect PCB silkscreen on production boards

EAT0002 - Correct silkscreen

EAT0002 - Correct silkscreen

Silicone Tubing

The original silicone tubing used for the prototype was able to fit over the 5mm stepper motor shaft.  The newer tubing ordered may not slip over the shaft.  We are investigating using a 3D printed fitting, or possibly an off-the-shelf fitting to slip over the motor shaft.  

Marlin Firmware

Current firmware has limited functionality.  PnP works via OpenPnP, but there are a few important considerations that must be followed.  Details will be posted here about these considerations, shortly.

Note that the Marlin firmware was not programmed at shipping time; this must be done by the customer, with the latest software from the Github repo.

LED Ring Light Brightness

The LEDs chosen for the ring light may not be bright enough to do much good.  We are investigating different lighting scenarios to pick a value that is acceptable for a wide range of lighting conditions.  If you would like to help experiment, we recommend getting an 0805 resistor kit of assorted values, and using a resistor calculator to try values that don't exceed 20 mA.  Would be nice to get data from customers as to their lighting level and how well these values work.  I would personally like to try with the rail voltage at 5V and 12V (this is just a matter of which pin it's tied to on the EMC02 and/or ATX supply).

Wrong "orange" color / properties on Acrylic coverplate pieces

We ordered transparent orange, and got translucent orange (which, to me, actually looks opaque).  They work, but we didn't achieve the "look" that we were going for.  We could not convince the distributor to refund us for the mistake, and since we bought several 4' x 8' sheets (and paid charges to have it cut to 24"x24" pieces), we did not think the added cost was justified to order the correct stuff (which they didn't even stock).  

Note that this is a cosmetic issue and has no effect on the functionality of the machine.

3D00456 endstop cable connector alignment issue

TBD / placeholder

Haribo Gummi Bear Temperature Limit Exceeded in Some Cases

In certain cases, due to spring / summer heat, the Haribo gummi bears that were included in the kit may melt:

Credit to Paul Jones for the picture

These are not an essential part of the kit, your FirePick Delta will work well without the Bears.  Gelatin melts at about 35°C, or 95°F.  If your gummi bears have melted, you may want to look at your PLA parts and determine whether any got soft and deformed.  If your PLA parts are deformed, please send us an email to, we will try to print you replacement pieces if needed.

The Haribo bears, according to reports, still taste "pretty good" even after they have melted.  The PLA, not so much.